Snow Softly Falling

15 Jan

Nothing is more beautiful than snow softly falling. When it comes down gracefully (as opposed to when it blows harshly, hitting the face like stinging nettle), it’s like manna from heaven. I could lie in bed all day watching it slowly coat the ground like icing a cake with Cool Whip. Whether in the city or country , snow does something to the sound barrier, muting everyday cacophony and replacing it with God’s grace: silence. And the sky takes on blue tones, making one want to take up painting or cinematography to capture the unusual quality  of light (or absence of it).

I awoke this morning to snow. I’m not sure if it’s because I slept ten hours or if it’s because the snow is so pretty, but I’m at peace. I thought seeing the Jefferson Memorial and Capitol from a train window a week before Obama’s inauguration marked the visual highlight of my trip, but this tops it.

I actually saw snow two months ago but I was standing in it during a frigid burial. The poor soldiers there to give my grandfather a military send-off, dressed in full regalia prevented them from wearing coats. Bless them, if they were cold, they never let on. Instead they stood stoically and at attention until it was their turn to fire off their riffles. There was something very touching about this respectful thanks for service. 

Watching snow from a warm bed while drinking coffee is very different. But quite wonderful.

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