How Jack Bauer Got Me Through a Breakup

18 Feb

Last night I found myself getting suckered into “24” again. I was so disappointed by season 6 that I had stopped watching it. However, I watched the two hour special set in Africa that aired as a precursor to season 7 and thought maybe I could get into the series again. But the first few episodes this year left me a little flat. After seven seasons, I was hoping for new plot lines – some deviation from a nuclear device about to detonate and a mole being planted at CTU. Yet there I was last night pulled into the inevitable vortex of “24” despite myself.

I became initiated into “24” during the brilliant season 5. They were airing re-runs of it on Friday nights and somehow despite coming into the episodes half-way through the season, I began to piece together all the various subplots. When I realized I could go out and get the entire season 5 on DVD, I went down to Blockbuster and rented one DVD. I drove back later that night for three more. The next day I signed up for Netflix. 

About the same time, I was in the throes of letting someone I loved go because he simply couldn’t commit to a proper relationship. Despite my heartache, I was shocked to discover that if I put in a “24” DVD, the suspense totally pulled me out of any lovesickness. As I made my way through season 5, I then back-tracked through season 4, 3, 2 and finally to season 1. By then I was doing both Netflix and Blockbuster because I couldn’t wait long enough for Netflix to send me the next DVD.

Now I am not a t.v. junkie. Nor is my aunt. But apparently, the first time my aunt ever saw “24” was during a “24” weekend in which they showed an episode every hour. She watched the entire weekend. My uncle thought she was insane.

I don’t do action movies. I don’t like violence. And I don’t believe in torture/violation of human rights in the name of the war on terror. Why then did Jack Bauer get me through a break-up?  Maybe because Jack Bauer is all about commitment. Well, not in the way I’d want from a guy… he would not be a fun man to date … but let’s face it. Jack isn’t wishy-washy. He takes a stand and sticks to it all for some supposed higher good. Very little grey with Jack. And for that Jack, you were kind of a hero to me. Copy that.

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