Good Vibrations… Selah!

9 Mar

Years ago while working in a nursing home, some of the nurses on staff had been trained in Reiki, a healing modality that entails energy transmission through laying on of hands. Eager to share their new skills, the nurses offered their services to residents and staff. Every Friday was Reiki clinic day. Interested residents were brought down in their wheel chairs and staff wanting to receive free treatments could come in on their lunch hour. I never understood why out of 800 employees (it was a huge nursing home), I was one of the only staff members who took them up on their offer. EVERY FRIDAY. 

Victoria was the name of the woman who habitually offered me treatments. She was from the Philippines, a devout Catholic and while placing her hands on various parts of my body would mutter prayers and the word Jesus. This is not necessarily part of Reiki, although Reiki does entail the passing of love and good energy. 

Victoria had healing hands. Serious healing hands. Heat would sear through my head or heart – wherever her hands rested – and uncontrollable sobs would escape from me. Then for the next twelve to twenty-four hours, my body would feel completely drugged. I started having increasingly bizarre physiological reactions after these treatments including tingling in my head and clavicles and the sensation that my heart was literally on fire. I was utterly fascinated. 

I was so intrigued I started researching energy healing and had the unique opportunity to hear Barbara Brennan, a renown healer in the alternative therapy world speak at a conference. Once a physicist who worked at NASA as a research scientist, her life took a radically different turn when she began to “see” energy in people and discovered how to help them with theirs’. My life took a dramatic turn as well when I began to get energy treatments from a woman trained at Barbara’s school. And then went to the school myself for two of the four year training program.

One of the things I learned there and/or in other energy healing workshops was how to discern energy within myself, other people, in relationships and in the atmosphere. It has proved an INVALUABLE skills while working as a psychotherapist. It allows me to know when people are going to cry (before they actually do), how to react to hostility or guardedness in ways that support vs. antagonize and how to know when my life force is being sucked right out of me and how to replenish my chi. But most important, through experience, I discovered that LOVE is the most vital component in healing and that the base of this is SPIRITUAL. And because I’m Christian, for me this energy is in the form of the Holy Trinity. 

In energy modalities, people talk of spiritual energy being high and fast in vibration. You can experience this within your system as tingly, in the upper regions of the body and there is a palpable sweetness to it (unlike toxic energy that comes in at low vibrations and drains you like a vampire drinking blood). Well, tonight, at my church’s monthly prayer vigil – Selah – the energy couldn’t have been any higher. I literally felt myself BUZZING with this SWEET, PURE SENSATION. At one point, I almost burst out laughing with joy. This Divine energy is all around us but when two gather in His name, the vortex of energy magnifies. And it IS heaven on earth. I could stay in that energy field all day. 24/7. I can’t wait for the next Selah. I didn’t want it to end. 


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  1. bub March 12, 2009 at 8:57 pm #

    I am so dying to go to a selah! Unfortunately, I work on Sunday nights and it’s right in the middle of my sleeping time. One of these months I might have to make Journey on a friday night and then sleep early on Sunday so I can attend. It’s definitely one of the things that I want to experience. I want to get a piece of that energy!!!

  2. lisesletters March 14, 2009 at 2:57 pm #

    Bub,That’s a tough call because in my book sleep is a prized commodity. Nonetheless, I think you’d find it worth the temporary schedule change. I just love Selah – sometimes more than the actual services. The next one is April 19th. I often go to the Friday night service and although the energy isn’t as pronounced as it is on Sunday (particularly Sunday at 10:45) it’s a nice way to start the weekend off and it’s easier to socialize with people afterwards because there is less commotion and people traffic.

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