God’s Small Graces

15 Mar

When I think of God’s grace, I typically think of it in large terms: God plucking us out of a cesspool of misery, His rescuing us from near death and/or His comforting us during a dark night of the soul. However, occasionally His grace comes in less dramatic poignant contexts. This week was one of those times.

I’ve been juggling multiple projects lately and although I’ve been focused while doing them, I’ve found my mind on the spacey side during breaks from concentrated work. During these lulls, I’ve tried to keep up with every day house-keeping tasks like paying bills, checking the oil in the car, etc. It’s been while doing these types of activities that my brain has lapsed. Case in point, I almost booked a flight for my Grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration on the wrong weekend. Related, I almost booked a flight on JetBlue (where I have miles) for 3x the cost of a flight I miraculously found on Expedia.com. Somehow God intervened and spared me charges on a non-refundable ticket.  

Then while paying bills on Thursday night and projecting my expenses for the rest of the month and into April, I forgot the next day was pay day. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how I had let my bank account dwindle to such a low figure. How was I going to stretch this all out come April? Miraculously, I discovered money in my account on Friday. Duh! 

Finally, the other day I checked the oil in my car as my father taught me to do many moons ago every time I fill up with gas. I noticed the oil was not only low but dark. In car class 101 I learned that oil should always be clear not dark so I rushed the car to the service station where they promptly informed me my oil was fine. While there, I asked if they wouldn’t mind checking the air in my tires. They said sure. In fact, did I want all my fluid levels checked? Sure. Sure enough, the thing that was dark and low was the transmission fluid. My transmission was in serious need of a flush.

Thanks God. For looking after these tiny little details of life.

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