For Everything There is a Season

15 Apr

I get a little irked when people from out of state claim there are no seasons in San Diego. Granted, we don’t have the dramatic demarcations of climate change such as leaves falling from the trees, sub-zero temps and ten inches of snow. We don’t have to put storm windows on during the Fall, shovel snow in the winter or grow hot house flowers under specialized heating lamps like my grandma always did. And we don’t have to go down to the cellar to get home canned fruits and vegetables because good produce is hard to find. 

I admit my relatives in Minnesota and Wisconsin are pretty sick of crappy weather right now, as are my New York/Connecticut friends. And my relatives were sick with jealousy when every year my mom would send Christmas cards with a picture of her sitting at the pool in her bikini. But I defy this logic that there are no seasons in San Diego. Ours are just more subtle.

I measure seasons in San Diego by the quality of light, the smells in the air and the types of flowers that are in bloom. September and October get drenched in this gorgeous Mediterranean type light while the evenings get crisp and darkness descends earlier with each day. Winter transforms from the arid dry winds of Santa Annas to cold and dampness at night. Summer we can note by the increase in traffic on the I-5, the crowds at the beaches and the flowering Jacaranda trees, but it is Spring that truly grabs my attention. I always thought that after living with New York drab winters nothing was more glorious than an East Coast spring, but San Diego takes the prize. 

Last night I was getting on the freeway and almost caused a collision because the sides of the on-ramp were drenched in yellow ground flowers and graced by clumps of magenta bouganvilla (sp); the colors were so vibrant I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. Purple wisteria grows outside my office window and the humming birds and butterflies have come back to the garden at the hospital where I work. We see carpets of purple ice plant on highways and clinging to rocks at the Cove, azaleas and camillas in bloom and this tropical type plant with orange flowers that I’ve loved ever since I was a little girl. 

I can smell spring; I can hear Spring. It’s everywhere and it’s beautiful. Even in San Diego, we get excited by this season.

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