Get a Little Closer…

15 Apr

I have two cats who I have had now for about three years. They came to me when they were six so that makes them now about nine years old. The day they moved in, they were so freaked out by the change of scenery and ownership, they hid in my closet. But fairly soon afterwards, they warmed to me and have been as affectionate as your most loyal dog. Yet in the last six months, I’ve noticed that something is happening in which they are becoming increasingly glommed onto me. They seem to need to be on my lap or near me as much as possible. They have also taken to fighting over who gets to lie near my face at night like two children fighting over who gets the front seat. And then just this morning as I was trying to journal write while prone in bed, both came jumping up like toddlers and proceeded to lie on my chest and belly making it impossible to write.

I wonder if this is what it is like to get closer to God. The more we come to trust and appreciate our Care Giver, the more we want to sit in His lap all the time.

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