All This Talk about Viruses

4 May

As if we couldn’t get enough of the Swine Flu each night on the news, the sermon in Sunday’s church service also referenced viruses (of the spiritual sort that can infiltrate a collective body). Okay. I give in. I’ve been fighting a bug for days and now this body surrenders. No, I don’t have Swine Flu or deep spiritual malaise, but I did have to take a sick day today.

I hate having to call in sick at work. Not only do I resent taking vacation time to lie and stare at the ceiling, I always feel guilty. Plus, it means sessions have to be cancelled or covered by other therapists in my program and that always makes me feel like I’m letting people down. But so be it. I’m glad I work in a situation where I can take a sick day and get paid vs. having to take the hit when you’re in business for yourself.

So why am I going on so about this? I guess because I always feel like God is speaking to me when I get sick. “Hey, Lise,” he seems to be saying. “What do I have to do to make you slow down and listen to me? To SLOW DOWN period?” Whenever I’m sick, I always seem to get into this reflective, deep time with God. 

I’m convinced our society is running at ever faster rates and that as much as this sometimes excites me, the pace can make me ill. I simply need more quiet time. More time to putter. Think. Be. Stretch. Yet even when only working a four day work week, I still seem to run myself into the ground. 

So here I am at home contemplating my navel. And while I seem to have no energy to do anything – I have had energy to read and write. Writing I’ve been trying to get to for months. Important projects I know God wants me to be working on. And I’ve had time to just stare out the window and pet the cats. When I don’t do these things on an often enough basis, I get sick. Usually in my throat – the channel of expression. 

There you have it. On bed rest after an appointment with the Divine Physician.

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