Beloved Christiane

14 May


Monday night I had an intense dream. I was somewhere in Italy and I didn’t have much time there. I was cognizant that I only had a few days to travel and had to decide whether to visit more than one city or stay put. I was torn. I wanted to venture yet my surroundings were magnificent. Why leave? I kept seeing a pitch black sky, the silhouette of a cliff, an inky dark ocean and a trace of moonlight. When I awoke, I knew the dream meant something but I couldn’t piece together what. And of course the rat race didn’t give me much time to contemplate it the next day. As the day progressed, I felt exhausted and connected my fatigue  to the dream. It was a good dream but I had no idea what it meant.

Today I figured it out. I received an email that my friend Christiane, while in Hawaii, had a swimming accident and went into a coma. Today she passed. The dream is connected to her death, the same as the dream I had about my mom’s death the week she died.

I am stunned. People around me keep dying. This is the fourth death in eight months. It hasn’t sunk in.

I am breaking my rule of no photos on my blog. Christiane is the person on the far right. I am on the far left. Christiane was a wonderful friend. A free spirit. An artist. A filmmaker. An animal activist. A believer in the goodness of others and the power of the heart to heal. There is so much to say about this woman but I have no words, so I want to honor her with this photo.

Tomorrow I am supposed to go to LA to meet with an acting agent. I don’t want to go to LA. I hate going to LA. And I don’t know where this fits into my current work life. But tomorrow I will go to LA for Christiane. To think of her and all the drives she took between San Diego and LA to work on films. To be creative. To follow her heart. I am going to LA tomorrow to think about Christiane. To pray for Christiane. To celebrate the beautiful spirit she was and the impact she made on my life.

My cat sits on my lap as I write. The cat she rescued and found a home for – along with his brother. Even my cats are grateful to this woman. This woman who I know even in death is laughing and looking for a beach to walk on. A person to talk to.

Christiane, thank you for everything. May the angels be walking you down the red carpet into heaven.

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  1. bub May 28, 2009 at 2:28 am #

    I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. That’s brutal, Lise. Praying for you my friend.

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