Flying AirTran

26 May

There is nothing like being singled out at airport security. Not only is it humiliating to be manhandled like a criminal and to have the underwire in my bra buzz under the metal detector wand, the woman feeling me up had more than a chip on her shoulder. Her palpable anger at life got displaced on my beloved Mac, which she carelessly grabbed in its white tub and basically threw on the floor with perceived glee. “How much can I ruffle this woman’s feathers at 5:45 am?” I’m sure this woman was thinking. 

My blood boiled afterwards. You don’t mess with my Mac. The woman’s anger reeked of those who have been dumped on and have to dump on someone else. Afterwards, I vented to the woman manning the Caribou coffee stand. “I think she could have broken it (my precious laptop),” I said indignantly. She replied that she had smashed her finger in the car door that morning. We were in competition with each other for empathy. 

“Get a grip, Lise.” I said to myself, feeling the security woman’s hostility on me like the fumes left over from a skunk’s spray. “Pray for her. Pray. You know people aren’t born angry like that. Something makes them like that.” 

Obviously my laptop is still working – praise the Lord. But on only four hours of sleep, I’m not certain my brain is quite functioning. I will however post on why I was flying in the first place – to celebrate my granny’s 90th birthday – once I have some shut-eye and a photo or two.

For the record, AirTran has Wi-fi. And they don’t have t.v,. so you don’t have to see flickering screens everywhere you look. Amen.

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