A Role Well Played

2 Jun

Sunday I went to a memorial service for a friend of mine who passed away very suddenly. (See post – “Beloved Christiane.”) 

Christiane was a film maker and writer. She directed a few short films, worked as a script supervisor for both t.v. and film and wrote scripts, although she never sold any. It was her life dream to write and direct a film about dolphins, as she was the first female dolphin trainer in San Diego. 

A recurring theme at the memorial service was that Christiane died before making this dream a reality. And indeed it is tragic that she died young, denying the world further creative gifts. But did she fail in her destiny? I don’t think so. 

Recently, my pastor defined destiny as “that which we’re becoming” as opposed to what we do or accomplish. In this sense, Christiane more than fulfilled her destiny for she was constantly growing, connecting, inspiring and reaching out to others. She died impacting numerous people’s lives with her essence – let alone her art. Case in point, I am not the same person after knowing Christiane. Now that is destiny.

It’s ironic that Christiane wanted to make this film about a girl and dolphins. Her script may be beautiful and yet her life is equally script worthy. Her story cinematic. From training dolphins at age 18, to influencing others, to having her ashes scattered with the dolphins in Maui, she left her own legacy. A role very well played.

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