10 Jun

I love it when I’m driving in the car and discover a radio station doing a block of music unplugged. I like the sound of musicians just on the piano or just with a guitar. No fuss. Just the simplicity of one instrument and one great voice. 

This week I discovered I too need to unplug. To get back to the basics. To let go of the extra things in my life inhibiting me from hearing my own voice. My own thoughts. In a nutshell, I need to restore a little harmony. 

In psychology, we encourage people to be curious about their symptoms. In doing this, we invite them to see how their distress serves as a wake up call – a sign that something is wrong and needs attention. Rather than berate the symptom, we explore what it communicates. Harping on the symptom just makes it worse; listening to it brings relief. 

Plain and simple – I’m burnt out. A job hazard in my field and for anyone living in the modern world. I am tired from the day to day grind and from not slowing down. So instead of being annoyed with this, I’m trying to listen to the symptom. What do I need? What does my heart and soul want that has been denied? To sleep? Read a book? Walk on the beach? How can I unplug and get back to sweeter music? What can I off-load in my schedule without being irresponsible? How can I slow down? 

How I love the scripture, “Be still and know God.” 

I love it that my cats mirror back to me when I’m not chill enough. All weekend they acted weird and like they were upset with me every time I went out the door. Finally, now that I’m taking some time to do nothing, they are acting normal again. How is it that an animal knows more about things than a human? Maybe their meows were saying, “Be still and know God. How about a little, Lise unplugged?”

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  1. Todd June 11, 2009 at 7:34 pm #

    very cool, Lise! Unplug!

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