Video Games Live

24 Jul

Comic-con has descended upon San Diego again. I have a weird fascination with this event. Although I am not a gamer – (the last video game I played was Pac Man when I was about fourteen), I like the geek chic allure of the whole thing. I also have a heart for those with passion and creativity and comic book people, gamers and movie/animation types typically do. 

But did I mention that I’m not really that into video games? I don’t get the Wi phenomenon (did I spell that right?) or how people can spend hours in front of a game boy or computer screen watching things that blow up and bleep. So it was kind of funny and ironic that I found myself at “Video Games Live” last night, a concert that celebrates the musical scores of video games. A friend of mine invited me to the San Diego Pops and I said sure. Because Comic-con is on, the symphony coordinated a presentation of “Video Games Live” with the originator of the concert series. 

What a trip! This was the most refreshing experience I’ve had in awhile. Where else do you get a mix of classic chorale music veering on Gregorian chants, an orchestra and hard core electric guitar solos all ripping at the same time? Not only that, where else does one actually see young people at cultural arts events? Whenever I go to the theatre, ballet or opera, I rarely see children or teens or people in their twenties, which is a true shame because the arts are for everyone and kids need exposure to them. Well, they got exposed last night. I know a handful of kids will now want to take the flute or piano because of the musical renditions they saw of Zelda and Super Mario Brothers scores. I haven’t seen such a heterogeneous, enthusiastic patronage of the arts since attending the Oregon Shakespeare festival years ago in Ashland. (If tickets to such events were more reasonably priced, this might not be the case – art should not be an elitist thing but I’ll save that for another blog entry). 

Top all this with the surreal quality of Comic-con (the majority of the audience were convention goers) and the astonishing beauty of the San Diego harbor and the result: a cool summer cocktail.

2 Responses to “Video Games Live”

  1. Todd Tolson July 25, 2009 at 4:52 am #

    I would have LOVED to have gone to this!!! Didn’t know there was such a thing.

    Wii is spelled with two i’s. 🙂

  2. lisesletters July 25, 2009 at 5:05 am #

    It was really pretty cool. And they of course had big video screens with graphics and special effects from the various games. Plus, an audience member came up and played Guitar Hero on stage.

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