Why I Struggle with Facebook

8 Aug

Although part of me welcomes change, I have always struggled with it, particularly changes in technology. I would have fit in just fine during the horse and buggy days and have daily fantasies of living during a more slow paced time (as long as I could be English aristocracy living on an estate with lots of horses and books). 

So one of the technological trends of modern life of course is Facebook. Now I have resisted Facebook for a long time. I’ve simply had no interest in being a “friend” – (I have plenty) – or to have tons of people know what songs I like. It all feels so adolescent and superficial. But now I have a problem. Everyone is doing it. And less and less people are blogging so if I want to be in on discussions – philosophical or otherwise, I have to get on the bandwagon and join this massive network. 

Now the other part of the problem is that in order to view anyone’s Facebook profile, you have to join so it’s not like you can test drive the thing. They kind of lure you in that way. So I started making a profile and the whole thing just freaked me out. I felt like I was setting up an on-line dating profile. I just don’t want to be this public. Or this connected. I’m already too connected as it is. There are days when I want to unplug. Quiet down. I could see this Facebook thing taken me down a vortex of hours wasted that could be spent reading, praying, sleeping, yoga-ing. Or — actually spending time with loved ones – cultivating intimacy in the flesh!!!!!!!!! What a concept.  

So help me out. Any of you on Facebook – make a case for it, if you find it valuable. And if you know how to select privacy features so half the world doesn’t know how to find me. Or, if you Facebook and are starting to hate it, tell me why. And if Twitter is all the rage and you prefer it to Facebook, please share that as well. Knowledge is power. Thanks!!!!

3 Responses to “Why I Struggle with Facebook”

  1. Todd Tolson August 9, 2009 at 3:10 am #

    some people are just not wired up for Facebook…and that’s o.k. 🙂

  2. Blair Glaser August 17, 2009 at 12:58 am #

    Hi Lise,
    Yes, Facebook is narcissistic and voyeuristic and ultimately distracting, but the thing about it for me is, it’s fun. With the lack of available in-person intimacy that can sometimes occur with living alone, I enjoy feeling connected to what other people are up to. Hope you are well, dear friend!

  3. lisesletters August 17, 2009 at 3:26 am #

    Blair – Love your response and totally get it. I’m struggling with the narcissistic part (my own) but yes, it is fun. (It was delightful to see Cecilia on your FB page). Hugs, Lise

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