Back into Alignment

22 Oct

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, Whole Foods has a massage therapist on deck for anyone who needs their neck rubbed from the stress of grocery shopping. I’ve obviously employed this person or I wouldn’t have his schedule memorized. He charges $1.00 a minute. For ten dollars, I get immediate relief from jaw pain caused by my increasingly severe TMJ. (The dentist says I’m managing to bite through my night guard – great.)

Anyway, last night after work, I popped in and got my quick fix because no matter how much prayer, yoga or swimming I do, I still clamp down at night from something – (whether it’s stress, or dreams or habit) and it can really hurt the next day. What amazes me is how that little ten minutes of getting back into alignment reorients EVERY aspect of my being – not just my jaw. 

I have long supported body work and the work of the body because I truly feel the mind, body and spirit are inter-related. If the body is calm, the mind slows down too. But even though I know this, I’m always amazed to witness how radical the shift is when the body moves back into alignment via something that consciously nurtures it. 

Yesterday’s ten minutes of massage basically made my brain mush today. I could barely think straight and seemed to move through my day as slowly as molasses. I kept having fantasies of my bed and sunshine and birds singing. I actually took the time to cook and eat something and pause. I found time to go swimming and I looked up at the blue sky. I felt my cells taking in oxygen and my muscles softening. And I sensed my priorities shifting from the petty to God. From things that stressed me to things that delight me. Even though I still had to go about my daily duties and responsibilities. 

In a prayer meeting tonight, I heard someone say, “God’s love and power is not about suffering,” (even though we as humans suffer). I found this inspiring because the more we can let go of the gripping in our lives – the places where we push and worry incessantly, we function better and with more ease. And are actually more productive, efficient and loving.

You can physically extend more when you smile vs. grimace; when you breathe vs. hold your breath. 

Lise’s little reminders: Stepping on a tennis ball hitting key pressure points in the foot does wonders. So does stretching. And surfing. And bending and breathing.  

I realize I have been WAY off balance for awhile now. How great to be back into alignment.

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