“It Is Finished…”

12 Dec

It seems a little sacrilegious to title a blog post after the final words Jesus utters on the cross (as portrayed in the Gospel of John) but having just spent the week comparing and contrasting various pericopes, this phrase keeps ringing in my head. “It is finished.” What seems blasphemous to me is that I’m thinking of this sentence in conjunction with finals being done instead of in the context of the Gospels but then again, I’ve been thinking about the Gospels all week so maybe at this point, all my thoughts are merging – the sacred and the profane. 

All week long I whined about the stress of finals on Face Book, which also makes me feel guilty, as going to school is a privilege. It’s a gift from God to be able to study and to be on a scholarship. And historically, I like to study and feel relatively competent in my intellectual skills. Why then was this such a big deal? Big enough to broadcast it to distant friends on Face Book? 

You know I’m not really certain. Albeit, the program is demanding and I currently have some excellent teachers who don’t want people coasting through. But I’m not a “coaster” kind of person. So just what has been the challenge? Is it that that the material is such new terrain to me and requires a ton of background knowledge in history, theology and language? Is it that I’m forty and that early alzheimer’s is setting in? Or, is it that I’m working while going to school? While these are all definitely factors, I think it is bigger than that. For some reason, the stakes feel higher with this degree than my first masters and the sense of the unknown looms deeper. This is bringing me to an encounter with God whereas psychology led me to an encounter with the self and other. But God? That is so terrifying, amazing, scary and wonderful.

So, no. I’m not really finished. I have so long to go. Whether I only do this year of school or finish out the entire degree. There is so much to learn – to know – to be humbled about – when it comes to learning about God and developing a relationship with Him both intellectually and spiritually.  

But how I look forward to reading the Gospels for fun! It will be a whole new experience after tearing them apart thematically, historically and structurally and after decoding some of its phrases in Greek. How nice to just read and be with God!

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  1. Todd December 12, 2009 at 6:46 am #

    Congrats on finals being done!

  2. lisesletters December 12, 2009 at 7:59 pm #

    Thanks, Todd. Your comments on Ed’s post were hysterical by the way. Whoa!!!!

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