In the Flow of God

27 Mar

When I was on my trip, I stopped into a boutique where I tried on a few clothes. There were a number of things that had my name of them. In particular, a red dress that fit me like a glove and that happened to be on sale for a reasonable cost. Yet for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to buy any of the items even though I knew it was stupid not to strike while the iron was hot because I hate shopping and here were a few things making it a low fuss mission. But in my heart and mind, this little shopping excursion created a big fuss. 

The little red dress seemed to scream, “I am woman, hear me roar.” It also said, “I dare you to know I’m forty years old.” But neither of these statements were things my psyche was feeling an impulse to express. I don’t typically hear voices, but while standing there in the store, I also seemed to hear every maternal figure I’ve had in my life saying, “You must buy that dress. It would be great to wear on a date.” Translation – “You need to date more. If you wore little red dresses, you’d have more dates.” I promptly decided that I wanted to vacate the village shops all together and found myself returning to the seashore where people sport cable knit sweaters from L.L.Bean instead. 

I thought about my reaction for days. Every time I was in the village (which was daily), I seemed to feel uncomfortable around shops and galleries, even though I love art and definitely appreciate and love clothes that are like art. What was going on with me? 

Then my friend I was traveling with said something that really struck me. She said, “Buying the dress wasn’t in the flow of God for you at that moment. Everything on this trip has been about being in the flow of God. For you, this trip has been more about being in nature and thinking of your family.” Her words struck gold. She was right. Everything we did on the trip – whether it was a hike or going out to dinner or just hanging out -had an organic, almost spiritual sense with little effort. If something felt like a strain, we knew we were going against that grain and weren’t in the flow of God. So we adjusted our plans accordingly hour by hour, moment by moment.

This isn’t to say that buying a little red dress and wearing one can’t be in the flow of God. It totally can be. It just wasn’t where I was at. Instead, I was on an inner journey and even in my outer one, I’m currently more focused on longings for school, travel, owning a decent surfboard and buying a digital camera than I am wanting to look cute in a little red dress. And when one does wear a little red dress it should always be about wanting to express oneself vs. trying to impress someone. The latter is definitely not in the flow of God. Nor is dating when you’re not in the mood or not drawn to someone in particular.

So for now, for today, I ask myself – “What am I going to do right now and is it in the flow of God? Where is my life going? And is it in the flow of God?” I plan to use this question as my spiritual compass, not only for the course of my day to day life but also for the greater path.

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  1. April King March 27, 2010 at 7:08 pm #

    Beautiful plan! Beautiful expression of your path to get there! Thanks, Lise. Hugs, April

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