Trexw – aka Trek or Trech

17 May

I’ve never been a Trekie. In fact, when I think of “Star Trek” my only impressions are from childhood when I thought Spock’s ears were weird and the women’s sixties style space suits were cool. But in Greek class the other night, my teacher teased us that the word trek germinates from the Greek verb trexw: “To run, rush, advance, exert oneself, strive to advance, make progress, progress, speed on.” Given that definition, I think he is right. It also explains our contemporary usage of the word. For instance, “I’m going on a trek,” or “we’re trekking through the mountains.” Well, lately I’ve been feeling like this year has been one big TREK. 

What does it mean to “run, rush, advance, exert oneself or progress?” I’m not sure except that this year I know I have been advancing. Advancing to what or in what is another question but I know I’m in motion. Moving towards something that doesn’t really feel like a goal as much as a trajectory – out into space – out into new frontiers and into the unknown.

This all started with the strange voyage of entering seminary – an endeavor I love but don’t know that I’ll be able to continue unless I get a renewed scholarship. This one step forward for Lise-kind catapulted many other changes. My job is different, my mind has stretched and my ability to take on more than I thought possible has been like a muscle undergoing strength conditioning. Likewise, my social circle has expanded and my spiritual process has been on turbo drive.

And all this is good. Yet I still feel myself spinning out into space.

There are three more weeks left in the quarter. I can’t imagine not studying Greek anymore and my heart will break if I’m not enrolled in school during the fall. But I trust that part of this journey into the unknown means I don’t know when, where or how I’m going wherever it is that I’m going. I’m just on a trek. Beam me up, Scotty.

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