The Tortoise and the Hare

25 Jun

One of the hardest things in life is to honor one’s own pace – particularly in a world where we are all living in the rat race. And think we need to keep up. Today was a lesson in learning to listen to my own rhthyms – my own needs. 

I just dropped a class – something I haven’t done in about twenty some odd years when I was an undergraduate student. And because of the registrar’s schedule at my current graduate school, I’m having to eat about three hundred dollars in the process. A very expensive mistake that I hope never to make again. Basically, I signed up for something that I really wasn’t ready for. I didn’t listen to my gut that this wasn’t the right time to take this particular class. (We must always listen to our guts for they never lie).

I am not natuarally adept at languages but this year while in seminary I took biblical Greek for three quarters and never once thought about dropping the class. Quiting wasn’t an option and although I sweat buckets, I survived and actually did pretty well. But as the summer approached and I was asked to consider the next phase of development in biblical studies associated with the Greek language, I didn’t feel I was ready. In-depth contextual interpretation of Greek didn’t seem plausible when still wanting to solidfiy the basics. Not only that, the work load of the class was beyond what I wanted to cram into an already full schedule. 

We are not meant to run before we can walk. I am just getting walking down. 

So, I’m back to the basics. Weekly tutorial sessions with my Greek nanny who has held my hand all throughout the year. I am learning to read the Word in the original language because of my heart’s desire vs. the goal of getting a degree. And I will take exegesis next summer after a year of continuing in the language on my own. Because I want to be the tortoise not the hare. I want to finish the race instead of quit. And I want to enjoy the journey. 

I didn’t realize that when I signed up for seminary it would be a very different process than my first graduate degree. Studying psychology was serious business but studying the Word of God goes way beyond that. It overwhelms me. Heals me. Brings me to my knees. And makes me a child again. In oh so many ways.

And the best way for children to learn is at their own pace and with encouragement and joy. Halleluja!

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