Get Away

11 Jul

The other day a sea lion was released back into the ocean after having been found underneath a cop car frightened and land-locked. He had to be rehabilitated at Sea World but on Friday, he was able to go back home to his natural habitat. He looked adorable in the newspaper photo and I couldn’t stop thinking about him all day swimming around in the sea. 

I am like that sea lion. I need water. I need quiet. I need my natural habitat. But every now and then I find myself in the metaphoric equivalent of being a sea lion trapped underneath a car – out of my element. 

I haven’t been surfing in two weeks which means I haven’t been in any kind of nature. And like that sea lion, I was starting to get a little freaked. But my dear neighbor let my friend and I come up to his cabin this weekend allowing us a true get away from the urban habitat that can feel like being underneath that cop car. And as we made our way further and further up in elevation, I suddenly felt relief. Like that sea lion, I was slipping back into the water. 


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