8 Aug

“You shall not omit from your grain offerings the salt of the covenant with your God; with all your offerings you shall offer salt.” Leviticus 2:13

In Leviticus, the Old Testament book centering on laws pertaining to worship, priests, sacrifices and holiness, there is mention of salt being used in offerings. Being a preservative, it was considered a purifying agent and was also associated with the preservation of a covenant relationship in a related ritual meal.

I do not make food offerings to the Lord, let alone food offerings with salt. But in a weird reversal, I feel like the Lord provides me an offering in the form of salt water. In giving me the salt water of the ocean, He gives me a profound purifying agent and reminds me of His covenant relationship with me.

There is something spooky cleansing about the ocean water. I figured this out recently when my neighbor Amanda and I started surfing one morning a week at the crack of dawn before each of us has to be at work. Inevitably, the night we make the pact to leave our respective houses at 6:00 a.m., I sleep like crap and am certain that I will not only be groggy in the water but will have a bodaciously long day at work. And yet the exact opposite occurs. I love being in the water that early (there is hardly anyone there) and in contrast to fatigue, I get to work feeling like I’ve had a great vacation.

If salt acts not only as a purifying agent but also as a restorative, then the sea water definitely brings me back to center and to God. Instead of acting like a spaz-case when I get home, I typically remember what is important.

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