I Want To Be Where You Are

23 Aug

I have two cats that came to me because their owner was an elderly woman who could no longer live on her own. So my boys needed a home and I became their mamma. And for that, I have deity status among them.

As you can see from the above photograph, these boys want to be with me just about every second of the day. Every minute I am home, they are on my lap, on the bed with me or at the computer as I type.

Their devotion reminds me of how much I need God. Today in church at our monthly prayer vigil “Selah”, we sang a song where a stanza stood out to me:

I called and you answered
and you came to my rescue
I wanna be where you are.

On paper, this verse might not look like grammy award material. But oh, it is. Because when you are in anguish as I was for so many years of my life and then feel God rescuing you, all you want to do is soak in Him. Like my cats soak in me. In the same way that they pour out their love, need and appreciation of me, I realize I am but a creature relying on and longing for God. And I am so in NEED of Him.

Today my pastor preached on the tendency to give up on God. The tendency to just say “f— it” when we don’t think He is there. Or, the tendency to resort to a watered down spirituality when we sense God is there but not 100% and therefore, we don’t ask much of Him. Instead we deny our longing and desperate need, attempting to mask it from Him.

My cats don’t deny their longing. They do not fear rejection. They come after me hard. Screaming out their need for love, attention and sustenance in the form of an impetuous “meow” and/or a sensuous pure.

May I NEVER EVER forget, He is what I need and He will be there. In the same way my cats sometimes have to wait on me because I know what is best for them, I too will wait on the Lord, trusting that he is going to feed me, embrace me and love me.

And I in turn want to be where He is – every second of the day.

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