17 Sep

I never talk about my work as a therapist as it is against ethics and I make the same policy when I’m teaching, as it violates the privacy of others. But I do want to express that I have been very moved by teaching this week in New Mexico, a part of the country I haven’t been in since I was a young girl.

I am currently training people this week to teach Mental Health First Aid so that they can bring the curriculum to their communities. It is a five day course but Wednesday is a half day, so my co-facilitator and I traveled to Canyon de Chelly on the border of Arizona and New Mexico.

What beauty. And wonder. And sadness and sacredness are in these canyon walls. These images reflect many thoughts and feelings from the week, and they echo in my heart the same as sounds reverberate throughout the canyon.

The Navajo people call themselves Dineh – of the people.

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