Sanity or Sanitation?

25 Oct

This afternoon I had to weigh which I needed more – my sanity or sanitation. I chose sanity.

Years ago I remember watching a television movie with John Travolta called “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.” I was about five years old. Based on the real life of a boy with some terrible disease that resulted in a compromised immune system or the inability for blood to clot, Travolta’s character was confined in this type of bubble structure. He could never go outside for fear of breathing bad air or cutting himself and bleeding to death. Okay, okay. I don’t remember the details that well. After all, I was only five.

Anyway, anyone who surfs knows that after a certain amount of rainfall, the ocean water is contaminated with sewage runoff and it’s advised NOT to surf for about 72 hours afterwards. Well, we had rain all last week so one never really knows what the water quality is like when venturing in after precipitation. But today, my first day free to surf since the rains, I had to ask myself, “What do I need more? My sanity – (which surfing preserves) or sanitation? As I debated, I thought about the boy in the plastic bubble who if memory serves me correctly eventually said, “F— it!” and walked out of his protective environment. And the answer came, “I need my sanity more than sanitation. I need life!”

And I have to say – all fears of bacteria went straight out the window as soon as I caught my first wave of the day.

Here’s to freedom. And sanity.

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