Water and Spirit

26 Nov

The rest of the group is out yuck’n it up on the last night in Jerusalem while I sit here in the hotel room paying for expensive wi-fi but I need to reflect. I’ve yucked it up a few nights while here but the bigger the group that goes out, the more I need to retreat. I prefer it when there are just four or five of us. Plus, I feel a little sad.

Today was AMAZING. I hiked up and down Masada and floated in the Dead Sea. Not many of us hiked so I got some wonderful time alone from the group out in nature and with God. It’s really trippy to think that the founders of Judaism roamed these deserts and that the Hebrews at Masada were as courageous as they were – choosing death over being taken captive by the

The days when we’ve been out of Jerusalem have been my favorite. As my bus buddy said to me today, “You like the days that involve nature and water.” He’s right. I like the days that involve nature and water best. I loved Galilee, Mt. Nebo, Casesarea and Masada best, although Jerusalem is amazing. I need to be in spirit and water. That is how I find God.

I am already scheming my next trip here hoping my best friend will join me on a private tour with Ilan, our guide. And when and if I ever marry, this is where I want to go on a honey moon.

Tomorrow Marcello and Anna are renewing their vows. I am doing a reading in the service. Then we have most of the day free and at 11:30 p.m. we board a plane from Tel Aviv.

I feel sad. I feel the transition back home even before getting on an airplane. I come home to wonderful things though. All is good. I will be back.

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