A Dangerous Form of Worship

23 Apr

Ever since getting hit in the head by my surfboard, I’ve been a little more cautious before getting in the water and now make certain to mutter a prayer. “Please God, keep me and others safe while doing this. You know this is the way I like to connect with you so please keep me safe while doing so.”

Related, as I paddled out the other day, I thought of all the sea imagery in the Old Testament and Yahweh’s taming of the sea monster Leviathan. Upon encountering a particularly big wave and feeling its power, I thought, “Okay. I’m out here wrestling with Leviathan. This is indeed a dangerous form of worship.” But not a form I’m willing to give up.

Later another thought struck me. What is more dangerous? Worshiping at the Church of the Pacific where you can get pummeled and beat up by the ocean or worshiping in a community of others doing the best they can to live out the gospel? I’m not certain because sometimes I find trying to fit into a system just as challenging as dodging a wave breaking upon oneself. Being in community means the watery chaos will be stirred and there will be emotional seaweed and rocks to navigate around.

The church means to help the marginalized. Mission folks go to the ends of the earth to reach those who are hungry, in poverty, oppressed. But what of the lonely and hurting person in the pew next to one? Do we always recognize him or her? Or what of those a degree off the scale of the norm? Are we so conditioned by our own experience that we can’t imagine what it might be like to be in another’s shoes? Do the scales need to fall from our eyes still?

Church is indeed a dangerous form of worship. But not a form I’m willing to give up.

However, I’m grateful Yahweh can tame Leviathan.

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  1. Blair April 23, 2011 at 7:43 pm #

    very nice, Lise. thanks for inspring me to enjoy the the watery chaos as it ebbs and flows. xo B

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