Healing Vortex

6 May

Mother’s Day approaches. During the last few years I’ve underestimated the emotional poignancy of the day, only to be ripped open by memories of my mother and the untimely way in which she ended her life. This time, I’m trying not to be caught off balance although I learned long ago that attempts to contain, control or schedule emotions is like trying to tame the wind. So I surrender and instead mother myself this week, along with thinking of my own mother and all the women who have nurtured me over the years.

There are places in the world that have healing vortexes of energy – areas saturated with God’s love, beauty and energy. And since I’ll be very near one of those places next week, I decided it would be nice to visit there on mother’s day to soak in God’s healing presence.

Mother Earth – Mother Mary – my mother Mary. May you be a healing vortex for me. As the sun drenches over canyons, may you also fill me with that light so that I too may be a healing vortex. Amen.

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