A Meg Ryan Day

23 May

My life felt kind of Hollywood today. The romantic meet cute didn’t happen but it was filled with quirky moments nonetheless. First there was the airport security woman who patted me down and felt along my back. While exploring my spine, she asked me, “What is this you have?” “My bra…” I answered. “No beneath that.” “Uh, my spine…” Granted, I know I could probably stand to gain a few pounds but the security people need to get a clue. My spine is not a weapon concealed beneath my blouse! Then I’m sitting on a plane and am convinced one of my professors is on the plane. Sure enough, as I pull out a text to translate, my beloved Greek professor from last year walks down the aisle.

So, I have the unique opportunity to be in the Pacific Northwest for a few days and as always, the change of scenery expands my perspectives. On the ferry I struck up a conversation with a woman from England and we ended up spending the majority of the afternoon together. Below are some pictures from Pike’s place where they really do throw the fish around.

And here, I was surprised to see a number of people taking pictures of a Starbucks. Then it dawned on me. I was standing in front of the original Starbucks. So I played tourist and took a picture too.

So it was my Meg Ryan day. I’ll keep my eyes open for Tom.

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