Seductive Sabbath

5 Sep

I once read a novel where the protagonist described her bed as her lover whom she longed to become one with on a routine basis. I remember busting out laughing because her imagery was so explicit and because anyone familiar with the rapture sleep can evoke would find her prose completely relatable. The author’s metaphor crossed my mind because it seems that during the last few days I’ve been having a menage a trois with my bed and my current novel.

Rather than debauchery though this has been more emblematic of a 72 hour sabbath that the Memorial Day weekend seems to have induced. Physical fatigue appears to have descended upon me leading me to a wonderful period of renewal once surrendering to it. I suddenly realized that it was time to let this field lay fallow at least for a few days.

So here’s to Sabbath. Seductive Sabbath that is so essential to our spiritual lives.

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  1. edurycats September 6, 2011 at 9:53 pm #

    “Seductive Sabbath”. That is so inviting and wonderfully beautiful.

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