Lessons from the Surf

20 Sep

Today I went surfing and did rather terribly. My timing was all off, I was pearling and a mess. Turning to a friend, I said, “What am I doing wrong?” “You’re paddling too hard.” Okay. That made sense. For the last month or so I have been surfing on a shorter board than my own. In order to catch a wave on a shorter board you have to paddle harder but today I was back on my 9 ft. Heeding the advice, I stopped paddling so hard and immediately caught a wave.

I wonder how much we get in our own way. Why was it so easy to catch a wave doing so much less?

I also wonder why I paddle so hard through life forgetting that God is the wave not me.

“The Mighty Being is awake and doth with His eternal motion make, a sound like thunder, everlastingly.” Wordsworth

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