October Glory

10 Oct

For the last few days San Diego has been drenched in spectacular sunlight. In my humble opinion October is the prettiest time of the year here. Tourists often come in May or June expecting paradise only to find overcast skies known as May Grey or June Gloom but when it comes to October, now we’re talking paradise. The sky takes on a blue of astonishing clarity and the sun is mild yet warm. The colors seem to pop in vibrancy and in my neighborhood Halloween decorations appear on the lawns and porches of houses reminding us that this fantastic weather will last a little while longer. Then Thanksgiving and Christmas will bring a shift causing me to be cold in my house unless running the heat and to wear leggings for four months until Spring returns.

Now in my opinion the best way to experience this weather is to be out in it on a surf board and I feel like a sinner because I haven’t paddled out once in the last few days in this splendor. I should soon and not take it for granted that the sun will shine like this everyday. Instead I’ve been inside writing daily for hours grateful that when done I can go out and walk for long stretches at sunset when the sun has its final glorious curtain call or steal away for a swim stretch break. San Diego, I love you. I think I would have been miserable in Seattle.

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  1. ken October 11, 2011 at 3:29 am #

    I agree, this is a great time of year. It may be my favorite, and I’m off for two weeks. Hope you had fun, I surfed Del Mar today. Beautiful!

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