17 Oct

I’m a big proponent of balance and yet lately I’ve been a wee bit off balance. I’ve been spending so much time writing, studying Hebrew and oh yeah – working for a living – that if you were to draw a picture of me, my head would be greatly out of proportion with the rest of me. It would look like my head was a big pumpkin and the rest of my body super skinny because all of my energy and passion has been going into mental channels. But that doesn’t bode well for long term. (In fact, I’m super behind on blog posts because who has time to blog when engaged in such “erudite matters?”)

Well today I decided it was time to get a little back into my body and a little out of my head so I paddled out in 55 degree water temp and a blanket of fog. And of course, in complete harmony with my being out of balance in my life, my balance on the board was off at first too. But then suddenly, cowabunga! My balance was back and I was catching waves. Hooray!

Now the good thing and bad thing about surfing is that it is relaxing. So much for studying Hebrew at the moment. I’m ready for a nap. But that is okay. My balance and my mental health are back and that is all that matters at the moment.

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