For Everything There Is A Season

28 Oct

Ecclesiastes 3:1-10 is probably one of the most well known verses from the bible and one of the most cherished even if one isn’t religious. We hear it at weddings and at funerals; we see its words printed on greeting cards. “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven: A time to give birth and a time to die…” Yet what people often fail to realize is that the verse that follows, Ecclesiastes 3:11 is a buzz kill to these poetics. Basically, the speaker of these words believes there is an appropriate time for every aspect of life but that God doesn’t let us in on the secret. Only God seems to have a sense of this timing while we human beings either screw things up or miss the boat altogether.

I can relate to this hypothesis. Goodness knows I’ve been off on my timing in life. I met someone I could have been happy marrying yet let the person go because the “timing” wasn’t right. And now of course I’m still single some twenty years later. I waited one extra day to see my mom when she was released from jail instead of seeing her on the day she got out only to never see her again – she took her own life before I could give her a hug.

However, every now and then we get it right. Today I just heard word that a dear friend of mine passed away. Losing a close friend to death never feels “right.” Yet this time, I got my timing right. Because he had cancer I visited him in the hospital every time I had a chance and always before I left for a week of teaching out of town. This time, I visited him on Saturday; boarded a plane on Sunday. Thank goodness I had a chance to see him before my trip.

For everything there is a season… Bob, we will be mourning you. But this time, God revealed the perfection of his timing – he had me meet you at a time when I really needed a good neighbor and friend. You were part of a season that will remain a part of me forever. God bless you. May this be the season of homecoming for you.

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    I was so touched by your post – thank you, Lise, for sharing your gifts!

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