Where Have all the Clydesdales Gone?

25 Nov

These days the only commercials I can tolerate during the holiday season are those shown during NFL games. They seem to be the only ones with a smidgeon of creativity. This wasn’t always the case. There was a time when I loved Christmas commercials. The Clydesdale horses plowing through the snow filled my heart with gladness as did the McDonald’s and Kodak commercials which also hit a tender chord with the audience. While these commercials still represented a product, they nonetheless conveyed the true spirit of the season on some level. Now the only message the commercials seem to convey about the holidays is “buy! buy! buy!” I can’t stand it, particularly since I don’t give a &^^%$# about the commercial aspect of the holidays and typically don’t get involved in the gift exchange part of things.

“Where have the great Christmas commercials gone?” I bemoaned the other day over Thanksgiving dinner/t.v. watching. “Have we become that secular and materialistic?” My step-father attributed the phenomenon more to the fact that the culture has become so anti-religion and/or politically correct that companies are trying to create commercials that reflect nothing of the holidays except the secular components of them. I don’t know if I buy that completely. While it’s true the holidays have been much more slated to a Christian audience leaving out Jewish representation, I don’t think the lack of meaningful holiday commercials result from an attempt at sensitivity to other religions or people of no faith. If the latter were true, there would be no holiday commercials on the air whatsoever. I think we’ve just become a gluttonous, materialistic monster and that we use this time of year to feed that animal.

No I don’t need another sweater from the Gap, thank you very much! And although it would be nice for Santa to bring me a new car, I don’t think it is likely that that will happen, nor does a car have anything to do with the baby Jesus or spending time with loved ones. I will say though that last year I loved the Honda commercial that showed a group of friends going surfing on Christmas morning but then again that commercial was more about the message of friendship than buying a Honda. I latched onto people doing something kind of cool on Christmas morning that created fellowship – as opposed to the message “gimme, gimme, gimme a car!”

These ads feed us a subliminal message to want more and more and more. Quite frankly, I think all of this would make Christ sick to his stomach. I know it makes me sick to my stomach.

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