Turning Points

29 Dec

I never quite understood the incredible success of Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Blink”, a NY Times bestseller. People seemed blown away by his assertion that some of our best thinking comes from rapid cognition or the conclusions we make within a few seconds of an encounter or situation. This to me seemed like a no brainer. While Gladwell doesn’t define this instant thought process as intuition nonetheless the premise felt rudimentary to me. For those in tune, some of the best and most life transforming points in our lives occur in the blink of an eye if we’re perceptive enough to pay attention and act according to what is unfolding.

As I walked along the point today I couldn’t help but think about how a few decisions created such important shifts in my life. A decision made many years ago to connect with strangers, to move to strange places and to study strange things.

Thank God I didn’t deliberate.

I’m convinced certain souls gravitate towards one another as part of some bigger cosmic plan but we must hear the Lord beckoning to us as to how he wants things to unfold for our optimum healing and redemption.

Perhaps what we term “blink” is actually an answer to our prayers for guidance.

Yes Lord, I will try to pay attention to the rapid fire cognition you gave us all. Embedded in this tool you have revealed to me how your hand has constantly been guiding my life.

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