Don’t Leave Me…

30 Jan

It seems that life entails these continual movements of coming together and pulling apart. We experience union then separateness and all of us deal with it differently. Yet even those of us who thrive on independence acknowledge that there is a deep bliss in unity and a feeling of emptiness when we perceive separation.

A dramatic example of this is when after love making two partners eventually disengage from one another after their bodies have been completely unified. Yet the experience is also felt acutely in other ways. Children often feel the pangs of separation when the babysitter shows up and they suddenly realize mommy and daddy are going out for the night. Likewise animals appear increasingly forlorn when we’re at work or on an overnight trip. It seems few of us want to experience separation from the bliss of love, affection and nurturance.

Yet all of us must deal with separation and loss on a daily level. People leave. They go to work. They grow up. They move on. They can check out. And they die. Likewise, the separation process is also what makes the reuniting so special. It is a constant dance of coming together and then doing a few steps solo.

It would seem then that the only constant union is the one with our Creator. He is the entity with us moment by moment. And when we separate from our loved ones, we can remember that He is there – always.

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