Falling at 42

12 Feb

I have always loved watching re-runs of the BBC program “As Time Goes By” on PBS not only because Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer are brilliant but also because the show has been a beacon of hope that finding love later in life is possible. I loved that two people in their sixties could have such a vibrant and tender love affair/marriage. In fact years ago while working in a nursing home I witnessed a 75 year old woman and 95 year old man fall in love and get married so I suppose I should have known that anything is possible. However, when you’re 42 and all your friends are married with kids, you begin to wonder if you really will wind up as that crazy old cat lady who has never been married.

Well amazingly, sometimes fate takes a turn at which point you say, “Thank you, Jesus” and accept the miracle. But here are a few tidbits I’ve discovered while in the process of starting to fall in love, yes, at the ripe old age of 42.

When you’re older, you don’t make nearly the same mistakes you did when you were younger, nor do you take things or people for granted.

When you’re older, you know much more what you’re looking for.

When you’re older, you are infinitely more comfortable in your own skin and you know your worth.

When you’re older, you realize love isn’t easy to find and there aren’t a thousand fish in the sea. If you get a good fish, you don’t catch and release.

When you’re older, you know that you could die any day from this point on and so you make each day count, each moment count, each kiss count.

When you’re older, you know that much of love is about being lucky. You thank God for grace and you don’t fall into the trap that long married folks do of assuming you’ll always have someone. Instead you treasure the person for dear life because you know already what it is like to not have someone.

When you’re older, while you may be more prudent and wise, you know the joy of love due to its absence and thus you become silly and young all over again.

When you’re older, you fall just as hard if not more so but this time you pray.

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