Rumi and Hafiz Take a Field Trip

12 Mar

It is a general fact that cats don’t like to be removed from their environment. It causes them stress and disorientates them. So when my boyfriend suggested that we try bringing my two twelve year old cats to his house to hang out for the weekend I had my reservations. In fact the first few times he suggested it, I laid down my foot and said no. However, the more I pondered the prospect of Rumi and Hafiz having a little field trip, the more I thought it might help expand their horizons a bit for they are indoor cats in a small house and I constitute the center of their world. Likewise, in many ways Rumi and Hafiz have been the center of my domestic world, making me at risk for slowly turning into the stereotype of the crazy old cat lady.

I decided we had nothing to lose. So on Saturday morning I found myself at “Unleashed” purchasing a new litter box, $12.00 organic, odor-free litter made from wheat, dry food, wet food, a pooper scooper and a dish. I have all these things at my house but of course needed duplicates.

Having survived the car ride over – (Hafiz always pees as he is put into his little carrying cage) – we let them out of their transport crates and showed them where the new litter box had been placed for them. Then they promptly went under one of the beds in the house where they stayed for awhile before mustering the courage to explore a little.

All four of us survived. Hafiz had to confront his frustrated feelings that he is no longer the alpha male but managed to sneak in some time on my lap with my undivided attention. And the four of us had a nice time lounging around, napping and talking (at least the humans engaged in the latter).

Yes, it was kind of a hassle and a bit of a risk. As are relationships at times. We are back at home now and homeostasis has returned. Nonetheless, Rumi and Hafiz are being asked to come to terms with the changes in their lives, as am I. However, it is a bigger, richer world out there when you get out in it and are lucky enough to find kindred spirits in both feline and human form.

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