Space for Love

20 Mar

One of the first questions X asked me when we started dating was, “With all you have going on do you even have time for a relationship?” I squirmed knowing that I really didn’t. “I have time for the right relationship,” I replied. “If the right relationship comes along, I will have time. I will make time. I will re-shift my priorities.”

As a therapist and someone who has experienced grief and loss, I know first hand that it is important to make space when dealing with grief. I also know that it is important to make time for quality relationships. No child ever blossoms when the people in her world are too busy to go to her ball games or school play. What I didn’t anticipate though is that when falling in love, I would need time to simply be with the feelings.

My boyfriend and I are both working professionals. We aren’t spring chickens. We haven’t gotten all dopey nor moved into each other’s houses and yet after spending time together, I find my brain is all mush and I am a bit comatose. I’m discovering that my whole world has tipped off center and is the process of re-organizing. And as a result, I don’t even know who I am anymore on some levels.

I think back to X’s question, “Do you even have time for a relationship?” Well yes. Now I do. For the first time in a long time I have some breathing room in my schedule. And thank God because who would have thought that falling in love would be such an investment in time, energy, heart and soul. And who would have thought that it could be so wonderful.

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  1. Nicky March 20, 2012 at 6:00 pm #

    Absolutly lovely Lise xoxo

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