In the White Wash

18 Jun

In surfing, sometimes you get caught in what is called the white wash. This occurs when waves are breaking fast and hard and as you paddle out, you end up battling the foam. Trying to get beyond it to the green (which is where you want to be to catch waves), sometimes the white water will actually take you backwards.

It’s a sucky feeling and physically demanding. It’s like taking one step forward and two steps backwards. And it’s a lot like life.

Lately, I’ve been hitting a considerable amount of white water, literally and figuratively. When I’ve gone out to surf, the sea has been fierce and chaotic, leaving me to battle the foam and basically call it a day. And personally, I seem to be abnormally tired, just able to do the bare minimum and I’m definitely not in any kind of flow.

I have learned that when you’re in the white wash, it’s best to respect the ocean. There is a time to push and a time to surrender. If you’re not catching the waves, sometimes it’s better to simply sit and watch from the shore.

I believe in cycles and rhythms. For everything there is a season… There is a time to strive and a time to rest.

Yet I also note that when you learn to surf, you do so in the white wash. You don’t try it in the green. Instead you ride the foam. So maybe I’m in a period of learning. Hanging out until I’m ready for the glassy green.

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