Life Force

26 Aug

I have long been fascinated by the force that creates drive and emotion within us. Where does this energy come from and how do we keep it flowing in constructive ways?

In his poem, “Pent Up Aching Rivers,” Walt Whitman writes eloquently about the sexual derivation of this energy, and the sadness and longing that results when there is no one with whom to share this exchange. But there are other forms of “pent-up” energy as well. We can have built up anger, frustration, excitement and joy. Even our creativity can become bottled up, begging for release.

I believe that whatever this energy is, it has to keep moving. When it becomes stuck, we stagnate. Energy turns in on itself, turning into ennui or idolatry; rage or depression. Like fire, our energy can be harnessed for productive use, or it can completely consume and destroy.

No matter what the tendency to sit on our energy, it is better to work with it, challenge it and release it with a degree of consciousness. E-motion, when explored with care, transforms into motion, propelling us towards something higher – perhaps to living water…

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  1. Mary Koepke Fields August 26, 2012 at 3:49 pm #

    Thanks, Lise.

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