8 Sep

I just bought a car. People who know me well will recognize that this is not my typical every day behavior. For instance, I was on Windows 98 and dial up internet until I finally couldn’t function any longer all because I have a philosophy – “Why fix what ain’t broke and if you don’t need to spend money, why spend it?”

I’m also not into gadgets or upgrades. It took a friend to convince me to buy a cell phone back in 2001 and another friend to drag me to the Verizon store years later to redeem my free upgrade on a phone. I don’t like learning new technology, plus giving up an old appliance often feels like having to toss out your favorite jeans, even though they have holes. It can even feel like you’re betraying the old device.

Nonetheless, I also believe in Malcolm Gladwell’s basic premise that some of our best decisions are based upon split second intuition. And this week, I suddenly had the chance to buy a wonderful car in stellar condition for a super price. Green light said, “Go!” So I have had a SERIOUS automobile upgrade.

I could have hemmed and hawed but there was no reason to. Within seconds – (the time it takes to blink) – I knew I had an opportunity I wouldn’t easily get back again. And then, as if God wanted to confirm his generosity, out of the blue someone mentioned that they might want to buy my old car. Well that would make life easy…

Sometimes grace comes as quickly as the blink of an eye. Literarily.

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