I Played My Drum for You…

19 Dec

The other day I was involved in a Christmas concert. It was quite the whoop-dee-do. I had no idea. I have only been attending my current church for a little over a year now and last Christmas, I was out of town so went to services elsewhere.

This production was the whole nine yards. Choir, orchestra, classical soloists in evening gowns and tuxedos. There was a bell choir and a children’s choir and an adult choir. Bach’s “Magnificat” and Handel’s “Alleluia Chorus” were performed and the audience sang carols too. And for aesthetics the sanctuary was decorated with little white lights, poinsettias and candles.

I can’t sing to save my life. I will never be in any kind of choir and heaven help any congregation that would have to listen to me sing. However, I geek out on words. I love how they sound, paint images, trigger emotion and evoke meaning. The spoken word is my thing.

I was asked to read Luke 2:8-10. It was only three little lines. But it was my contribution. It was my gift to the King. And saying them felt like my life depended on it – for you see, I bring good news of great joy to all the people!

A beautiful modern rendition of “The Little Drummer Boy” was performed right before my little segment of the program. The song was my cue to exit the sanctuary and to enter through the back. I was to sit in the pastor’s seat behind the pulpit until it was my turn to step up to the microphone. The place was packed – for both performances. As the music crescendoed and the soloists’ voices climaxed, my heart started to beat like the little drummer boy’s drum. I almost felt sick to my stomach. Why? I do public speaking all the time in various forms. And yet I felt terrified for I had no true gift for the Lord. So I played my drum. I spoke my three little lines of scripture from the deepest place in my heart. And afterwards, I looked around me – at the musicians and choir people and readers and pastor and audience and I saw a complete ensemble. We had all come before the manger. We were all doing our little bit as a living breathing sacrifice to the Lord.

And it was beautiful.

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