Are We All A Bunch of Hungry Birds?

15 Feb

A Hollywood director friend of mine recently said to me, “I hate LA. It used to be everyone in LA was trying to be an actor. Now everybody is trying to be someone. And no one can fuck’n act.”

In today’s world of reality t.v., everybody wants to be noticed for doing nothing of merit. People think the cameras should come circling in on them because of the way they sip their coffee or toss their hair. But before I bash Hollywood wannabes, are we all just a bunch of hungry birds wanting attention? Are we all trying to “be” someone?

The writer I most respect does not blog, tweet and rarely posts anything to FB. Yet he is prolific. He also has thousands of followers because he is so damned good at what he does. He writes.

My director friend studied at Yale where actors bust their balls to develop their craft and then continue doing so for a long, long time. So when Jessica Chastain (who studied at Julliard) says she has been doing this FOR YEARS, she means it. Now poised for an Oscar, let us not forget what it took to get her there. Artists like Chastain aren’t trying to be someone. They’re being their art. They’re living their lives.

So as I sift through the daily twitter feed, I feel how easy it is to be pulled into other people’s energy and inner worlds as all of us clamor for a worm from the mother bird. And that’s okay because twitter is a powerful, valuable medium and we’re all in the nest together. But the world I most want to inhabit is my own because that is the only space from which I have the time, energy and motivation to offer something to the outer one. And you? What feeds and sustains you, and what do you think it means to take flight?

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  1. Blair Glaser (@BlairGlaser) February 15, 2013 at 4:27 pm #

    Please add a twitter link to the bottom of your blog posts! There are many hungry birds on twitter needing to hear your words!

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