Are You Sick of Traffic?

28 Mar

A few years ago a friend and I took a road trip to the Big Sur and Carmel.




It was one of the best trips of my life. Both of our families spent considerable time there when we were young, so the landscape narrates segments of our lives.

When my soul is starving for something I often dream about the Big Sur. I think it symbolizes heaven to me. Heaven here on earth. “Here are the green pastures of heaven to which our Lord leadeth us.” – St. John Steinbeck


I live in Southern California. Most people think it is beautiful. And it IS beautiful. But my city, San Diego has become crowded. It has become a mini Los Angeles. People cut you off on the freeway, drive aggressively, and flip you off.

I am sick of traffic.

I am sick of noise and activity and working too hard.

So I am trying to take a break and to channel what I call the “Big Sur State of Mind.”

Today I hiked at Torrey Pines State Park before seeing a client. It was beautiful.




When you surf, this is the view you see – but from the water. It is absolutely awesome.

It is even more stunning to catch a wave and to be one with the water. Then thought, feeling, and motion form their own kind of trinity connecting one to God.


I haven’t surfed in a long time. Five months ago I bought a new car and I have yet to figure out how to transport my long board on the new vehicle. So I’d like to learn how to ride a fish so that I can just throw a board inside the car and not have to bother with strapping the thing onto the roof.

Because I’m sick of traffic and in the ocean, there are no cars…

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