The Politics of Sexual Spam

8 Apr

I don’t visit porn sites but somehow I receive sexual spam. And for some reason the ridiculous emails don’t make it into my email filter whereas important ones do. Go figure.


These emails are really irritating. For months I was receiving emails catering to a man’s supposed interest in a woman. The email caption would say something like, “I want to be your friend” and then would contain a photo of a woman usually bare breasted looking at the camera with a dumb look on her face. Beneath the photo would read, “I work in an office but because I work long hours, I’m lonely.” Did I mention that these emails are stupid as well as offensive?


Well now there is a twist. Suddenly the spammers have figured out that I am heterosexual. So recently I have received a few spam emails from men saying that they want to be my buddy. However, instead of photos of a half naked man with a dumb look on his face, these emails depict some GQ looking model with a hint of sophistication and intelligence. Underneath the photo it typically reads something like, “I just got back from business in Europe in my own personal plane…”


Okay. So here is what I have deduced about the politics of sexual spam. Advertising to men should show pictures of big breasted, stupid looking women who say they work in an office even though they probably don’t know how to turn on a computer. Advertising to women should show pictures of men who look rich and sophisticated triggering female fantasies that they will be swept off their feet and will never have to work again in their lives.

Gag me with a spoon.

And we wonder why intimacy is in jeopardy. Am I the only person who finds all of this absurd, intrusive and down right weird?

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