Staking Out Real Estate

2 Jul


For the record I have never purchased land but I am a firm believer in real estate. Yet I’m not necessarily talking about property. I’m talking more about how we stake out personal territories such as time, energy, work, and relationships. Just what are we investing in and what do we do with the precious commodities around us? Are we practicing conservation and are we protecting the eco-system?



I ask these questions constantly. When I was younger, it seemed time, energy and opportunities were boundless. But like the precious acres that are being swallowed up by developments, if we’re not careful, we can lose the very rich lands we’ve been blessed with. How do we protect what it most valuable and ensure that others will benefit in future generations?

Two people I greatly admire are Teddy Roosevelt and Beatrix Potter, both of whom had the insight to champion land for conservation purposes. Thanks to Teddy, we haven’t completely “paved paradise to put up a parking lot” and thanks to Beatrix, the UK has national treasures preserved as well.


Metaphorically speaking, how do we practice discernment, making wise choices so that we invest in our talents, relationships, vocations and commitments to humanity? How do we invest? For me, I’m constantly staking out real estate, surveying the market and talking to investors. I’m looking for property that will increase in value and to be a good steward of the land.


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