Be Thou My Vision

18 Aug

To yearn is inescapable. It is the human heart screaming for nourishment even if we have put it on some kind of ludicrous diet. But to acknowledge desire one must tolerate vulnerability; that we seek and often don’t find. That we reach out and often fall short. And that we most likely will be thrown off center.


Ironically, a sense of profound connection, or the possibility of it, can suddenly induce a state of longing and aloneness that makes one want to crawl out of one’s skin. It’s the sudden realization that life isn’t meant to be lived alone and that some lessons can only be learned in tandem.

Carl Jung wrote that, “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” And indeed, in the best of meetings, we are in more than a conversation. We are in a state of becoming.

But what is it that are transforming into? Where does the old merge with the new and what is it that we are evolving into or towards?

Humans are in a constant state of connection and separation and due to our brokenness, the space between connection and separation primes us for distortion. It is so easy to think that we’re alone in that gap. That we are not part of anything at all.

And yet there could be no greater fallacy for even the very ground rises up to meet us. And it is in this very awareness that we practice the presence of God.

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