Consulting the Oracle: On Signs, Symbols and Dreams

12 Oct

Throughout time, humans have turned to signs, symbols and dreams for guidance. We study our dreams and synchronistic factors trying to determine if there is some hidden underlying meaning in it all. “Is this a coincidence?” we ask ourselves, “or is it a sign from God or the Universe telling me what to do or what is to unfold?” How then do we shuffle through the information we receive in various forms and note whether it is a legitimate form of guidance or hogwash?


As someone who has been attuned to extra-sensory phenomenon all my life, these are questions I ask daily. In fact, if there were a prize for most prophetic and bizarre dreams, I’d be the recipient. My subconscious consults the oracle all night while I just want a few zzzzz’s. What I have discovered is that everything in our lives can be looked at as information, some of it useful and accurate and some of it not. But the only way I can sift through it is to try and empty myself of any preconceived judgments, wishes, delusions and fantasies I might have. Otherwise, what I perceive as guidance doesn’t reflect true wisdom. Instead, it’s just me projecting my own internal agenda without filtering out any distorted thoughts or maintaining integrity.


Next, if I really want to know if something is a form of guidance or not, I sit quietly in meditation and ask God to reveal some form of confirmation. But this requires a complete surrender to the outcome or answer instead of me manipulating my thoughts to think something higher is indeed guiding me.


I am a firm believer in prayer. When I need guidance in my life, I ask for it. I then wait for clarity, and eventually, it comes. But clarity and guidance can be perceived through other means as well, for not all of us are inclined towards the spiritual. For instance, often what we take to be “signs” come as a result of paying attention. Likewise, a good night’s sleep can do wonders for our discernment process. And during rest the subconscious often solves answers to various problems.


In all of this, it is important to stay open to surprises. Often we are so certain that we know something but then suddenly perceive a different impulse or answer. When this occurs, it can be hard to change gears, particularly if the guidance we perceive seems strange, or counter to our rational thoughts. Yet I have learned that we are wise to consider the new information because sometimes we discover that the real solution to our problems comes from sources we never would have imagined. And this is all part of the great mystery and beauty of transformation.


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