Big Macs On Steroids

20 Nov

The other day I was making reservations to stay in the Big Sur for I’ll be in that neck of the woods down the pike. I heard the woman on the other end of the line hesitate before she said, “I need to let you know there is no internet connection. Or t.v. in our rooms.” My heart did cartwheels when I was reminded of this. “That seriously is no problem,” I responded.

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Now don’t get me wrong. I’m just as into the internet and my smart phone as the next. And because I watch very little t.v., FB has become a form of mindless and sometimes thoughtful entertainment. But more and more, I feel the burden of modern life catching up with me as we demand that our systems take more and more in each day.

In order to function, work and live well, there has to be a degree of inner spaciousness. Without it, all suffers greatly.

We are a culture of Big Macs on steroids. Bigger, faster, louder, more!!!!!! It is exhausting.

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And it negates the fact that there is a natural rhythm to life of both action and stillness.


I am ready to eventually live on a farm or in some remote European village. To take up sailing or fly fishing. To go work somewhere in an organic garden. For now, I dream of my reservations in the Big Sur… Where there will be no internet and no noise. Just the sound of living water and dense fog cloaking me in its mystery.


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