Operation Slow Down!

4 Dec

In California, a yellow traffic light has come to mean one can still cross the intersection. Because after all, MY schedule, MY life and MY agenda are above the rules even if it means I end up running a red and killing someone in the process.

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A yellow light used to be a warning to slow down. It told you to down-shift, if you were driving a stick and to ease to a stop because the light would soon turn red.

I’m just as guilty. I’ve been known to press hard on the gas when I see yellow instead of starting to brake.

How many other yellows are we not paying attention to?

This time of year always prompts me to SLOW DOWN. Advent and winter’s solstice scream at me to curb my speed in the traffic of life. The sign might come in the form of a cold or exhaustion or deep nostalgia and sometimes grief but regardless, the cosmos signals. And I actually heed.

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While the holidays are typically a time where social life accelerates, I nonetheless think this is the most critical time of the year for reflection. The short days and cold weather (we do actually have cold weather here in CA) are great excuses to hunker down at home and to sit still. As I take this week to back off on coffee, writing, goals and activity, I feel my system literally de-toxing the year. Not that it was a bad year – but it was one of constant stimuli and lots of green lights.

Here’s to the season of waiting. Of being. Of sitting in the dark and seeing the light.

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